Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Day 7 September 30 Saturday Cabo San Lucas sunny and hot 80F. Boy has it changed a lot more buildings. After breakfast we take a tender to shore where we are greeted by a drug sniffing dog. I find the cruise terminal for WIFI but can not get my Open Office to work. We stop for a quick beer then head back to the ship for air conditioning. Entertainment tonight the Bailamos again.
Day 8 October 2 2017 Sunday Puerto Vallarta Mexico sunny. We arrive at 10am water was calm again. 87F 30C We have been to PV several times so no need to go to town. We tie to the dock with mall just across the street. It was easy to find free WIFI everywhere. Lunch was on the Lido deckon board ship. I had prime rib on a bun. We move our clocks ahead 1 hour for the second time. 5Pm it pours with lightening and thunder. We pull away from the dock at dinnertime it stopped raining a short time latter. Water still very calm. Entertainment tonight was excellent. Mastro Rogerio Tutti a performance of contemporary and original arrangements of the world's most popular and beloved music accompanied by the Holland America's band. I go to the piano bar again after.
Day 9 2017 Monday October 2 at sea
wake up to calm seas. Going to be hot again today 80F26C after breakfast we go for a lecture on what to see and do on South America tours. Second lecture is on illegal immigration to and through Mexico. Lunch next .at 2 a lecture on Quest for silver,gold and minerals wealth of Mexico. 3 o’clock lecture was on the next 3 ports-Huatulco, Puerto Chiapas and Pierto Quetzal. All of which we have been before. Entertainment tonight is dance featuring Zaandam singers and dancers
Day 10 2017 Tuesday October Huatulco rain
27F 81C arrive in Huatulco at 10am. Will leave by 5:30
We have been here before known for its beaches at the end of the dock. It rained all day so did not go a shore. Very humid out. I spend most of my time in the crows nest reading. I got a good start on Welber Smith's Assegai. We get the same table of 6 every night but different tables for breakfast and lunch so meeting many interesting people. Tonight entertainment is Jeff Burghart. He holds us with his signature blend of celebrity impressions. I go to the piano bar again.
Day 11 October 4 2017 Wednesday Puerto Chiapas Mexico. We wake up to glorious sunshine . 86'F 30 C Bill got sent back as he wore a tank top for breakfast. We go to shore to post the blog but mt computer wants up date we wait 1 hour and it's still trying so we go back to the ship. Digetal workshop doesn't open until 4:30. Lunch in the lido deck again. Nothing going on the ship so I go to the Crows nest again. 2 couples do not show at our table ( second time). The show tonight is Elvey Rose known for her energetic style, including a lovely tribute to her Latin American ancestry. Bill gets sick and makes it back to the room in time. (sea sickness oe food poisoning? ) I go to the piano bar until 10 come back and Bill is still sick .I put him to bed and he sleeps. We put the clock back 1 hour
Day 12 October 5, 2017 Thursday Puerto Quetzal Guatemala. We wake up to overcast skies. 25C 77F 98% humility. Bill's back is really bothering him so we go to the ships doctor. He bring his pain pills and the doctor from South Africa says to take both then she gives him 2 shots . She sells us a hot or cold jell pack. We have been here before so do not get off ship as it is raining now too. We read most of the time and watch the ocean. No lectures today as a lot of people on tours. Lunch and dinner are uneventful. Entertainment tonight is a young lady with a violin.
Amy Lee, she played everything from classic to Celtic, movie music to Broadway and everything in between. I did not go to the piano bar .Water getting rougher so hard to walk on ship. Back is improving.
Day 13 October 6 Friday 2017 at sea. We get off on a bad start as we set our clocks the wrong way so are late for breakfast. Bill's back a lot better. I attend a talk on Acupuncture and Arthritis pain. Didn't learn anything new. Next was a lecture on the evolution of pottery in Mexico. David Richerson was very interesting Bill enjoyed him too. Lunch in dinning room today. water still contains white caps but some blue skies. Gala attire. Bill gets sent back his shirt does not have a collar. Entertainment tonight is the singers and dancers of Zaandam. I go to the piano bar for Rat Pack and friends . A chocolate surprise tonight waiters come along with trays of chocolate goodies. Yum
Day 14 October 7 Saturday 2017 at sea
We wake up to calm seas and partly sunny. 79F 26C.
We get the bill for the medical-$95 for consultation
$14 injection, injection supplies $8.98,
$33.98,24.62, injection medication,$22.40 for Menthol ointment ,. $238.75 total charges. too many things to do today. 10Am lecture by David Richerson discussing life in the Pacific coastal waters 500 million years ago. 10:30 is a kitchen tour I forget my camera. Bill does laundry. Lunch in the dinning room. 3 pm talk & slide show on what to see and do in Manta Equador and Trejido Peru. It will be a Sunday so a lot of things will be closed. Take a nap before dinner 5:45
Entertainment tonight is Kelly McDonald a comedian. I skip the piano bar tonight and type up the blog and read and play free cell on my computer. Water calm.
Day 15 October 8 Sunday 2017 Manta Equador
We pass the equator at midnight. We wake up to overcast skies. Manta is a quaint fishing village. A large mother ship is full of tuna being unloaded . It is Sunday so a lot of shops are closed. Not much doing on the ship as we are in port. Crows nest here we come Tonights entertainment was a visual with music-m Frozen planet live.
Day 16 October 9 Monday at sea
Happy Thanks giving. 70F 21C partly cloudy
After breakfast I scout out the game room. No on playing Mexician train so I head for the library and find another book. They have a lot of non fiction books on The Maya and Peru. Next is a lecture with David Richerson on pre historic life on land. I check out game room again and there is some one there playing Mexician train so I join them. 3Pm another lecture this one on the explorers of the Americians. Dinner is a real treat as they have a Canadian Thanks giving dinner turkey with cranberries even pumpkin pie a la mode. Entertainment is Duo Yalba who played a varity of instruments including pipe flutes.
Day 17 October 10 Tuesday 2017 Salaverry Peru. 69F 21C partly cloudy. Another fishing port. People go to Machu Pichu from here. We get called to the office as our travel agent did no collect Argentina's reciprocity fee. $78 each. So I have to buy internet service as we do it on line. $55) to connect for 100 minutes. So now I can post on board the ship. A girl from the front desk helps me with it. I cut Bill's hair. Entertainment tonight is Zaandams singers and dancers doing rock legends The piano bar is playing a tribute to Elton John.
Day 18 October 18 Wednesday 2017 Callao Lima Peru. We wake up in time to watch the ship dock. A very busy harbour. 62F 17C cloudy. I decide to go on the complimentary bus to town tomorrow. Today we walk the ship and go down to the dock to check out what the vender have to offer. I finish Wilber Smith's book then take a nap. Not much going on on the ship.
Day 19 October 19 Thursday 2017 Callao Lima Peru.
The sun is trying to show 63F17C. We take a complimentary bus to the mall but do not get off s we are not shoppers. I return a book to the library and get another one. We have an early lunch and return to our room to work on WIFI.


Sunday, October 01, 2017

day 6&7

Day 6 September 29 Friday at sea
10CD 66F sunny with calm seas. 9Am a lecture on the History of Mexico. 10Am lecture on what to see and do in Mexico and Central America. 11Am lecture on Mexico port shopping. I go to the digital workshop and found out how to download my pictures. Entertainment tonight was a ventriloquist- Rob Watkins
Day 7 September 30 Saturday Cabo San Lucas sunny and hot 80F. Boy has it changed a lot more buildings. After breakfast we take a tender to shore where we are greeted by a drug sniffing dog. I find the cruise terminal for WIFI but can not get my Open Office to work. We stop for a quick beer then head back to the ship for air conditioning. Entertainment tonight the Bailamos again.
Day 7 September 30 2017 Puerto Vallarta Mexico sunny. We arrive at 10am water was calm again.

day 5 San Diego

Day 5 September 28 Thursday San Diego sunny ,water still flat
we woke up to fog had breakfast then read on the patio. The airport is right next door. A plane lands or takes off every 90 seconds. Today 600 people leave the ship and 600 arrive. We go to shore and find an office depot 3 blocks from main drag I buy my reader for transferring my pictures to the computer.

day 4

Day 4 September 27 Wednesday Santa Barbara
78F 26C sunny water calm. We arrive 8am tender required to go ashore. Dinning room not opened so go to Lido deck ( buffet). We have a bottle of scotch delivered to our room $50 US. Last night entertainment was unique they showed a movie and had a live band playing. Breath-taking footage from the BBC Earth television series, Wild Alaska. I went to the piano bar until 10 fog horns again around 4am.

day 3

Day 3 September 26 Tuesday at sea
7am 15'sunny and calm. They have 2 newsletters on Canadian. Mushroom bennie this morning lecture on beauty of the Northwest. Enjoyed our balcony after lunch. 2Pm port talk on Santa Barbara and San Diago. I go to download my pictures and find I did not pack the cord. Dam dam dam. 3Pm lecture Ring of fire. Dinner tonight formal. Bill wears his blazer but quickly removes it with the tie as it was not required. Dinner surf and turf ( lobster and steak) evening show at 8 -3 singers from Canada-1 from Winnipeg, 1 Montreal and 1 from Vancouver. Latin crossover musical with breathtaking vocals – The Bailamos.
Day 2 September 25 at sea.raining
After breakfast ( egg bennie with crab yummy. We walk the ship from top to bottom, checking out the libruary- Bill gets the latest Clive Clustler book . Game room next,lecture room and digital workshop room. Water is dead calm.2pm a movie on Alaskan bears family .Rained stopped 4pm 16'They do

have a laundry room. Another good dinner. Entertainment a comedian Kevin Jordan still 16' going 19 knots

on our way day 1 2017

Day 1 September 24 Sunday
Beautiful sunny day good start. We went to the dinning for lunch as our luggage was not here yet. pan fried trout and cherry jubilee. Bill had small appetizer and soup. At 3 we had a mandatory life boat drill, boring. Water dead calm! In the straight off Point Atkinson. Dinner was at 5:45. We have a table of 6. -2 from Florida and 2 from Arizona. We wake up at midnight to fog horns blasting.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

time to up date

April 4 2017 Tuesday Its time I up dated my blog. I will not be posting much now untipl summer when we go to Haida Guie ( Queen Charlottes) and then the big trip all around South America in September. But here is the latest-Things are starting to come together. Bill had a struggle with 5 months of mail as we didn't get home for Christmas like planned. This played havoc with our medical insurance as we are now over our 60 days. We payed dearly. It would have paid us to fly home and right back again. Next year we will know better. We have had our yearly medical and blood work . Eyes done today so good for another year. We got our new car licence plates then went and renewed our pass ports for our impending trip around South America. Brazil needs a visa so that will be next. I have been kept busy knitting Barbie doll dresses and new born baby outfits for South Africa. I have also been doing some gardening weather permitting. We will have to check to see if we need any shots for SA????? I am cooking Easter dinner on Friday. Sherri and family as well as Hudson and Dina.Sherri is doing the broccoli

 salad and fresh cranberries. Hudson and Dina the pie and ice cream. 

Friday, March 17, 2017


March 17 happy Saint Patrick’s day 2017
Our second day of out journey home was the pits raining and windy. The motels we wanted had changed hands so not prepared for that.( they no longer served breakfast.) We missed a few turns and drove all the way to Tacoma . We payed $75 for a room with no coffee or breakfast. We arrived home at 12 .It was strange not to have the kids here as they went to Fort Lauderdale to visit with Shannon and Ethan for Spring break. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

heading home

Tuesday March 11 2017 What a wonderful day to travel. We leave at 6:30 for home. It was a wonderful time in the Palm Springs . met up with old friends and made new ones. It didn't get really hot until the last week. In the 90's. We went past Jushua their trees are just trying to bloom. We went to Bakersfield over the Majave past the Andrews air force base where they are storing many planes. We pass many windmills but none are moving as there is no wind. We cross over hwy46 to I 5. We make it to Cornering by 5 about 540 miles. We stay at Super 8. The Olive Pit Is Across the street so I pig out on their free samples Yum.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

yuma and palm desert

February 15 Wednesday 2017
The trip to Yuma was just about a waist of time as Bill's tooth was not completely healed so we went visiting first our boating friends Barb and Wolf then People from a caravan Bernice and Gerry and Jack and Renny. They have done the South Americian cruise so we wanted to pick their brains. The Snowbirds had their meeting with some good entertainment. Tuesday was plein air painting . We went down town Palm Springs with lunch at Lulu's. today I am having 3 girls for lunch

walk of stars

Sunday, February 05, 2017

artest of the month

well it is really quite . Shannon and Ethan have gone to LA. I made artist of the month. I sure do not miss all the snow they are having at home. It will be up in the 80,s here.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

salton sea, slab city and Salvation mountain

February 3 Friday we drive around the Salton sea. We stop at the visitors center ,then go to the beach to see barnacles and dead fish. A stop at slab city then Salvation mountain. Lunch at Brawley then home another good day.

slab city

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Shannon and Ethan's visit

February 1 Tuesday
Shannon and Ethan arrive early. I had a roast of pork ready for them. Had a good visit. After here they will leave Sunday for LA so Ethan can visit a friend then of to the grand circle-Vegas,Grand canyon Bryce and Zion. Wednesday we went to the Patton museum then drove up to Jushua Tree NP . Ethan is getting work done on his car today. The 3 of them went to the air plane museum . Shannon and Ethan will go up the tram in the afternoon then do the street fair in Palm Springs