Tuesday, April 11, 2017

time to up date

April 4 2017 Tuesday Its time I up dated my blog. I will not be posting much now untipl summer when we go to Haida Guie ( Queen Charlottes) and then the big trip all around South America in September. But here is the latest-Things are starting to come together. Bill had a struggle with 5 months of mail as we didn't get home for Christmas like planned. This played havoc with our medical insurance as we are now over our 60 days. We payed dearly. It would have paid us to fly home and right back again. Next year we will know better. We have had our yearly medical and blood work . Eyes done today so good for another year. We got our new car licence plates then went and renewed our pass ports for our impending trip around South America. Brazil needs a visa so that will be next. I have been kept busy knitting Barbie doll dresses and new born baby outfits for South Africa. I have also been doing some gardening weather permitting. We will have to check to see if we need any shots for SA????? I am cooking Easter dinner on Friday. Sherri and family as well as Hudson and Dina.Sherri is doing the broccoli

 salad and fresh cranberries. Hudson and Dina the pie and ice cream. 

Friday, March 17, 2017


March 17 happy Saint Patrick’s day 2017
Our second day of out journey home was the pits raining and windy. The motels we wanted had changed hands so not prepared for that.( they no longer served breakfast.) We missed a few turns and drove all the way to Tacoma . We payed $75 for a room with no coffee or breakfast. We arrived home at 12 .It was strange not to have the kids here as they went to Fort Lauderdale to visit with Shannon and Ethan for Spring break. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

heading home

Tuesday March 11 2017 What a wonderful day to travel. We leave at 6:30 for home. It was a wonderful time in the Palm Springs . met up with old friends and made new ones. It didn't get really hot until the last week. In the 90's. We went past Jushua their trees are just trying to bloom. We went to Bakersfield over the Majave past the Andrews air force base where they are storing many planes. We pass many windmills but none are moving as there is no wind. We cross over hwy46 to I 5. We make it to Cornering by 5 about 540 miles. We stay at Super 8. The Olive Pit Is Across the street so I pig out on their free samples Yum.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

yuma and palm desert

February 15 Wednesday 2017
The trip to Yuma was just about a waist of time as Bill's tooth was not completely healed so we went visiting first our boating friends Barb and Wolf then People from a caravan Bernice and Gerry and Jack and Renny. They have done the South Americian cruise so we wanted to pick their brains. The Snowbirds had their meeting with some good entertainment. Tuesday was plein air painting . We went down town Palm Springs with lunch at Lulu's. today I am having 3 girls for lunch

walk of stars

Sunday, February 05, 2017

artest of the month

well it is really quite . Shannon and Ethan have gone to LA. I made artist of the month. I sure do not miss all the snow they are having at home. It will be up in the 80,s here.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

salton sea, slab city and Salvation mountain

February 3 Friday we drive around the Salton sea. We stop at the visitors center ,then go to the beach to see barnacles and dead fish. A stop at slab city then Salvation mountain. Lunch at Brawley then home another good day.

slab city

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Shannon and Ethan's visit

February 1 Tuesday
Shannon and Ethan arrive early. I had a roast of pork ready for them. Had a good visit. After here they will leave Sunday for LA so Ethan can visit a friend then of to the grand circle-Vegas,Grand canyon Bryce and Zion. Wednesday we went to the Patton museum then drove up to Jushua Tree NP . Ethan is getting work done on his car today. The 3 of them went to the air plane museum . Shannon and Ethan will go up the tram in the afternoon then do the street fair in Palm Springs

Thursday, January 12, 2017

palm desert

January 12 Thursday palm desert
Madison and Carter went with their dad back to Wendy's to play golf . We picked up Hudson and Dina from the airport. Sherri had a free day by herself at the pool. Today Sherri and Gerry have an appointment to tour Sunnylands the Annenberg estate.( here is where high up people stay for security.)They will tour the house. I play games with the kids and maybe do a puzzel
Madison squeezing oranges

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

palm desert

January 10 Tuesday 2017 Palm Desert
yesterday Carter went golfing and Madison And I went to the children s discovery museum. We had Gerry's dad Patti and his friend Wendy for dinner. Today we will stay in the park and go swimming. Gerry will go play poker with his dad.